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The Rise of Skin Health

There are, of late, many changes in the world of medical aesthetics with the discovery of new science based treatments. Though injectables are are still at the forefront of the aesthetics world, many skin practitioners are supporting aesthetic doctors with preventative work that can impact overall skin health and appearance. The combination of techniques which evolve yearly (using injectables alongside more frequent skin treatments) are becoming a favoured option with many patients in many skin health clinics.

Radiofrequency devices play a key role in skin rejuvenation. These non-invasive, temperature controlled radiofrequency treatments can work effectively to reduce fat, smooth wrinkles and tighten the skin. These can be personalised specifically for the face or body, to treat each area of skin with minimal downtime.

Skin booster such as polynucleotides and exosomes have been the result of ground breaking discoveries. These tiny vesicles secreted by a variety of cells have drawn considerable interest for their potential in skin rejuvenation. They are also able to speed up wound healing and hair restoration treatments such as PRP. Combining these ingredients within skin treatments, such as micro-needling and mesotherapy play a pivotal role in many rejuvenating skin treatments.

Skin treatments using a combination of approaches are proving popular when it comes to delaying the signs of ageing and boosting collagen stimulation. Combining lights, such as ablative and non-ablative fractional lasers and intense pulse light, helps to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin fibres in the deeper layers of the skin. These technologies offer much less downtime and are more comfortable for the client. More restorative, rejuvenating and preventative treatments using new techniques are gradually increasing and offering comprehensive solutions.

The above is paraphrased from an article published in Wigmore News, April 2024 by Francesca Coleman, who is Head Practitioner and Educator for Skin Doctor Clinics UK

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