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Stress and Skin

Updated: May 6

Do you live where there are the most people affected by hair or skin issues caused by stress? A recent survey by Capital Hair and Beauty has found that the most stressed cities are:

Nottingham (53%) Cardiff (52%) Leeds (49%) Newcastle (47%) and London (45%)

The most noticeable concern was that of having dry skin (29%) Hair thinning and loss (22%) Acne and breakouts (19%) Inflammation (12%) and Eczema (11%)

The study covered some 2,000 adults and showed that money issues were the main contributing factor, closely followed by the stresses of family life (though it is not difficult to see how the two are related). Next up came jobs and again, it is not difficult to make the connection between, indeed, all three aspects.

The main age group which offered the most stressed shows that to be GenX (now aged 45 to 54). The main issues amongst this group was hair loss and thinning. That said, this group also contains those women in the menopausal age, which is also a cause of hair loss.

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