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Why TikTok "Influencers" are wrong

Very interesting little snippet came in my recent copy of Professional Beauty, talking about the biggest skincare mistakes made by so-called "influencers" on the social media platform, TikTok.

This survey was put together by the skincare brand Fresha and found that 60% of TikTokers are pulling too hard on their skin whilst applying products. Skipping important skincare steps or layering products in the wrong order was the second largest mistake, with 54% of TikTok creators seen doing this. The survey was conducted across the most popular TikTokers tagged across #GRWM and #skincareroutine.

The third most common mistake was not applying products to the chest or the neck, with 54% of "influencers" doing this. In addition, the study showed that 22% did not apply an SPF after their morning skincare routine. (As, I hope most of you know, that this is essential and super-essential if you are using AHAs)

Other mistakes spotted across the skincare routines included putting unclean fingers into product jars, with over a third doing this and 30% of videos saw creators wash their face using too hot or too cold water.

The most common makeup mistakes included not blending foundations into the neck, using too much concealer under the eyes, not using primer, cross-contaminating products and dragging product rather than tapping.

Simple message: If you wish to "do" skincare properly, visit a professional and ignore the "influencers".

(This is a precis of an article published in Professional Beauty magazine, May 2024)

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