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Terms and Conditions

This site is copyright. Sundry images on this site are taken from Trade marks and names belong to the respective brand. All rights reserved. Images must not be reproduced in any way or copied without the written permission of the respective trade mark/ copyright owners. So there.


DATA PROTECTION: All and any matters financial are dealt with, by and through Paypal. We do not store credit card details (we can't - you are not giving us any payment or payment card information, all or any card information is handled by Paypal. We do not share customer details with any 3rd parties. So, if you get a load of unwanted emails for gold lame tights out of the blue, it has nothing to do with us.

MEDICAL: Anything on this website must not be treated as a medical diagnosis or used in part or whole as a medical diagnosis. In all cases, what your Doctor or chosen healthcare practitioner says, comes first.

Please be aware that many of the skin care products on this website were designed to be used by aesthetic practitioners. This especially applies to those products under the "advanced skincare " section. They are "professional grade" products. Please be sure to read and act on any instructions included with products purchased. We mean it. If you are all unsure, go and see your chosen healthcare professional first. Many of the products listed here are not cheap... so best to make sure they are suitable for your skin type, first!

ALL PRODUCTS SOLD ON THIS WEBSITE ARE GENUINE and are sourced from approved UK importers or wholesalers.

PRICES AND ORDERING: I have added a currency converter, so you can see prices in various currencies. As we are in dear old Blighty, the payment to me will be converted back to British Pounds which may result in a final variation. Probably not by much, though. If you are from Alpha Centaurii I am sorry, there is no conversion rate for Flavian Pobble Beads. Just so you know.

If you place an order and make an error, please send an email to   It is not a problem for us to cancel an order but you must let us know as quickly as possible.

A note on "Free Shipping" - where we offer free shipping this applies to that product, not the whole order. The shipping is worked out on a "number of items" basis... so, if you buy the "free shipping" product on its own - then it's free. If bought as part of a larger order, then the "Free shipping" item does not count towards the total number of items in your order, when the shipping is calculated. Got it? Good.

SHIPPING .... For shipping within the UK we use Royal Mail. All are sent First Class "Signed For". UK orders over £95.00 are sent by Royal Mail "Special Delivery". Orders overseas are sent by the best available Royal Mail service. Those countries that support "International Tracked and Signed", we use that service. Where that service is not supported, then the highest available category of service is used.


Some countries have very long and perhaps, uncertain mail services. In such cases, we would suggest, for higher value orders that a courier should be used, then we will ask you what you wish to do. A courier WILL add significantly to the cost of an order. You will then have the opportunity to opt for a courier at cost or have a full refund.


In all cases, we aim to send your order within 2 to 3 working days. Please bear in mind that we are not Amazon, we cannot deliver your order within 10 nanoseconds of your placing it. We do not hold massive stocks; most of the UK importers we use are not too far away and deliver to us, where required, within one or two working days. 

DISCOUNTS .... apply to any product shown on this website. The total, though, does not include any shipping cost. Click on the box on the left side of the checkout screen marked "Enter Applicable Discount Code"   .... Trust me, it works.

SKIN TYPE  Products are assigned to skin types where a product may *specifically* be helpful for a particular skin type. This does not mean that, if a product is not listed under a specific skin type, it is not suitable for you to consider. That said, you are reminded that many of the products we sell contain strong ingredients (and many are not cheap!)  and if you are at all unsure if a product is right for you, you must visit your chosen professional beauty or healthcare practitioner.

Privacy Policy

We do not disclose information about you, as a customer on this site, to third parties at any time. Cookies are used on this shopping site to keep track of the contents of your shopping cart once you have selected an item; there are some which are security related and one which is used to identify logged-in site members  We also collect some regionally based data which is totally anonymous.


Under the latest General Data Protection Regulations, we should included a load of waffle, here. To put it in a nutshell, if you want to be forgotten, just tell us and we will delete everything. It's up to you. Also, despite the stupidity of Brexit, we will continue to act and abide by  those regulations of the EU in terms of data protection and products sold on this website. Should, for any reason, push comes to shove, we accept any ruling of the ECJ. Any money matters, as we said, are dealt with wholly by Paypal, so we do not handle any of your card data, in any way. As regards personal data, we keep your name and address, email and contact number for the sole purpose of being able to action your order. If you order on a regular basis, then the personal data you have given us is retained (obviously) as it saves me faffing about having to re-enter all your details. No personal data is held off-site. It is held on our "Sage" accounts programme. The computers we use to  process your order are protected by the Kaspersky anti-virus thingy what-not.

Refund/ Cancellation Policy

Returns: We deal with returns on a "one for one basis". If there is a valid reason, we will accept returns if notified to me within 3 days of receipt of goods and sent back to us within 7 days of notification. Your Paypal account will then be credited within 10 days after receipt of the returned goods which must be returned in good, that is saleable, condition. You will be liable for the cost of the return carriage cost. A 10% handling charge will be applied if the cancellation is through no fault of Skin Perfection and/ or if there is nothing wrong with the goods. We will respond to all complaints within 48 hours... or at least, try to.

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