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Using Colour in Mineral Makeup

Using colour disguise in make up

When using Mineralogie or GloMinerals mineral makeup or correcting colour creams, such as Oxygenetix the basics of the colour wheel, where shades across from each other counteract, is important. Here is a very short guide to few of the available colours and what they may achieve:

Green : Covers redness and helps remove flushes of colour from your skin. May also help if you suffer from rosacea, broken blood vessels, acne scars or blotchy areas, by creating an even toned base for your usual foundation.

Lavender: This colour is directly opposite yellow on the colour wheel. This colour helps eliminate any yellow undertones on the skin. If you suffer from discolouration or sallow skin, using a violet shade will correct a tired complexion.

Pink : Used for brightening around the eye are and covering signs of exhaustion or being tired. The mixture of red, orange and yellow tones sit across from green, purple and blue making them the best for dark under eye circles. The specific shade of pink that you use depends on your skin tone : For fair skin use pale pink, peach for medium complexions and orange-pink for darker skin tones. Pinks may also be used for covering bruises and unsightly veins.

Yellow : This works well for most skin tones and for evening out your complexion and any areas of general concern. Yellow hues will help to provide a bright base for your foundation and can also be helpful in cancelling out dark patches or under eye circles on olive skin.

It is important to remember that these are just shadows that are being covered so start lightly by patting them on with your fingertips and build where needed to create a natural look.

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