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Skin Flooding

skin flooding products

The idea of skin flooding is not entirely new and has been practised for some time in many clinics as well as at home. Social media, however, has latched onto the idea of skin flooding and has produced what is made out to be, a new trend.

Skin flooding essentially refers to using multiple serums and creams to intensify skin hydration. It is, therefore, quite simple and straightforward.


There are a few things to note.

Cleansing is by far and away the most important step. Unless the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, one is locking in all sorts of sweat, oil and polluting elements. The skin will not be able to properly absorb the hydration and make-up will not apply properly.

The first layer of serum should be applied whilst the skin is still moist. Techniques will, of course, vary and there is no "right" way - a combination of applications which works for you will become apparent after a certain amount of trial. After the serum - after each serum - a mist should be used to lock in the product. It is also helpful to start with the thinner serum and leave the thickest to last.

The serums used, of course, should be those most appropriate to your skin type. Having said that, those serums with a good amount of Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides works best for skin flooding. If the skin is rather dull, try using a Lactic Acid toner or lotion. You can also target specific areas such as cheeks and the under eye area, which can be prone to dryness. The T-zone can be more combination type skin and a mattifying cream would be better after the serums.

Skin flooding may help where there has been an over-use of exfoliating acids and retinoids which can damage the skin barrier, causing dry and itchy skin. The same dryness and other issues may also be caused by the menopause and/ or hormonal changes.

The best time to carry out skin flooding is at night.

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