More Blue Light Breakdowns

I have visited this subject before, in a blog piece last June.

We are aware that blue light emitted by screens can be harmful for skin cell renewal and may affect the skin’s natural radiance not to mention, promoting wrinkles. As we are all spending a lot more time at home and with it, a lot more time in front of screens of various shapes and sizes, there has been a dramatic increase in searches for skincare to protect against blue light - indeed, there has been something like a 300% increase in such searches.

That said, protecting skin against blue light does not actually require a major change in your skin-care routine. If you usually wear a sunscreen, then that is the best solution. Further, many serums and SPF products also help to protect against blue light as well as UV rays. Ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide do some of the necessary blocking, while antioxidants like vitamin C, E and some variations of green tea help keep free radicals at bay.

Before you change your skincare regime, cover your phones and computers with a blue light shield, which is a cheap fix and eliminates the need to worry about skincare or sunglasses when using your phone or tablet. Some smartphones have a setting that disables blue light in favour of yellow light (usually called 'night mode'), which makes it easier on your eyes and on your skin. Turn you night mode on, even during the day. Try and include products rich in vitamin C and/ or E to supplement your skincare. This will not only help with blue light but also with the general darkness of being inside (not to mention, the darker months).

While it’s currently still possible, in some areas, to go to beauty salons for treatments, consumers seem to be looking for home-based alternatives. As a result, chemical peels which can be applied at home are popular right now. Obviously, with care!

Similarly, eyebrow dyes and eyelash growth serums are gaining ground, showing growing uptake among some beauty fans for the kinds of treatments usually carried out by specialists in salons.

Some suggestions are:

Flavo C Cream

ViDerm Vitamin C

NeoStrata Skin Active Matrix Support

Stay safe!

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