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Fox Eyes

Fox Eyes

One of the recent trends and promoted by some more well-known people has been the winged eye look involving the tilting of the outer eye corner. This look may be achieved by the clever use of makeup or by pulling the hair back tightly into a ponytail to create the look. The idea being to create a more wide awake look and the illusion of lifted eyes.

The look may be achieved in a non-surgical way with the use of brow lifting techniques and this may be helpful if the brows are starting to drrop or who have asymmetrical brows. One of the specialist centres for this treatment, which uses advanced brow lifting techniques, are River Aesthetics, based in London W1. (Contact: 01590 608480 - please note we are not connected with River Aesthetics in any way, so this is a third party recomendation! See

Here the non-surgical approach is to use Silhouette Soft Threads and Ellanse collagen stimulating filler to elevate the brow, to fill out hollowing temples and to add volume to the upper face to lift the corners of the eye

The procedure is carried out using a local anaesthetic and takes about an hour. The effects usually last for one or even two years.

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