Covid 19 And Deliveries

Delivering Your Order

People have asked me why their orders are delayed, so I thought it best to explain:

Firstly, I do not carry very much stock. What I have is limited to what is most popular and even of those items, I only hold back maybe 3 or 4 in the stock room.

What I sell on the website are products which you will generally, not find in high street shops (or, legitably, through certain main stream on-line mega-stores) . They are also, in many cases, not cheap. It is important, therefore that what I do send out, has not been hanging around for a long period.

Secondly, the Covid thing has had a knock on effect with both the wholesalers and importers I use, as well as manufacturers. This is not just due to having lower staff levels in production or supply to facitlitate social distancing.

Many of the walk -in and High Street salons are closed and are not themselves ordering. Online sales are not the main source of business for most wholesalers, importers and manufacturers. As a consequence, wholesalers and importers are not ordering as much in case they too, start to have stock running out of date. (When I say "wholesalers" or "importers" do not imagine a massive warehouse - many are small firms dedicated to one or two lines or even salons themselves, for whom being a distributor for a specific range is a sort of (important) sideline)

So, I have to try and keep up to date on over 800 lines which is no small task; trying to keep abreast of what is available and what isn't. Indeed, even the importers are finding that what they have ordered from the manufacturer and what actually arrives, can be two different stories!

So, please bear with me. I use PayPal for all payments which means that your money is safe and if at any time, you are not happy waiting, I will always refund your payment, in full.

Thank you, all, for your understanding!

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