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The Glo 2018 Holiday Collection

Christmas Gift Idea

Glo's holiday 2018 Collection provides some great opportunities to celebrate individuality with a variety of interchangeable colour assortments that deliver accents to modern pairings, a fusion of endless possibilities; Oh! And they make great Christmas gifts as well. You will need to be quick, though, as they are all limited editions.

The Concord and the Envy Shadow Sets feature four cream stay shadows sticks in either rich earth-toned hues (Concord) or vivid, modern shades (Envy).

Both are priced at £36.40

Concord features a mix of rich metallics and grounded earth tones which are designed to play well together or shine solo. The colours are Concord, Solstice, Scotch and Bonbon and the set may be found by following this link.

The Envy Shadow Set provokes more than just envy. Mix and match shades for a co-ordinated exhibit of eartyhy neutrals with an unexpected jewel-toned "pop". Envy may be found by clicking this link.

Both the Concord and the Envy sets stay put for 12 hours and can multi-task as base, shadow and liner. Both come in their own patent bag with a sharpener to keep everything tip top and ready for action.

We also have the Eye Essentials Brush set (£35.75). This is a coveted mix of five eye brushes which will quickly become the must-haves in your collection. They have been personally selected by the Glo team of artists and each brush which is included in the set ensures you have everything you need to create limitless combinations of beautiful looks for the eyes and brows. For the Eye Essential Brush set, please click on this link.

Happy shopping!

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