Fake This and Fake That!

There have been a number of blog pieces written about fake goods and counterfeit beauty products. Many (it is suggested) of the fake cosmetics may be found on sites such as Amazon and Ebay. A side issue is that of goods being either out of date or very close to their sell-by date.

As far as fake goods are concerned, there are plenty about and I don't mind admitting that I buy some myself. My daughter goes to school with a fake bag from one very well-known designer. I know its a fake, she knows it's a fake. I bought a job lot of bags at £40 a go. The colours I ordered, were not the colours I received but apart from that, the quality was really rather good. Indeed, on one comparison test between my daughter's bag and a real one, my daughters's was chosen as the real thing!

Likewise, my other half has a well known posh brand of watch... which cost about $50 and came from New York's Chinatown. The only issues arises when the battery needs changing, when you have to ask our tame jeweler: "Please can you change the battery .... and don't ask me any silly questions!" It is still keeping good time after about 25 years.

With many so-called "exclusive" brands, their main preoccupation is with protecting the brand image. After all, all those very expensive shops in some of the world's most expensive High Streets and high executive salaries cost a lot of money.

But what about cosmetics? In the area in which we and other online retailers specialise in, counterfeit product is not an issue. There is a reasonable margin in selling the genuine product for any retailer... so why sell a fake product when you can make a reasonable margin selling the genuine article? There may be an issue buying product off some well known auction-type or well known mega-shopping sites, in that product may be close to the sell-by date.

As far as we are concerned, you may notice that we take a bit longer to deliver your order. The reason for this, is that we do not hold big stocks. What we offer is not cheap, nor do the products pretend to be cheap and we do believe that it is important to have fresh product, as far as possible. For that reason, we prefer to order a lot of what you receive as and when you place your order. Most of the UK importers and wholesalers are but a short distance from where we are based, this means that you get reliable, fresh skin care.


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