Many, that is, up to 90% of women are affected in some way or the other by cellulite. It is caused when too much adipose tissue (aka fat) starts to change its make-up resulting in a large amount of what are termed lipids (which is another way of saying a mish-mash of various molecules - not all of which are in any way bad).

A subsequent decrease in the elasticity of the skin along with reduced collagen fibers causes the connective tissue to weaken and this in turn, allows this adipose tissue to head towards the skins surface. When it all arrives at the skin surface, the orange peel affect of cellulite becomes noticeable. Once this process starts, then the circulation at the skin surface worsens and so the process is able to continue.

That is not a technical description at all. The technical description would be something like "excessive adipose tissue deposits develop because of adiposegenesis..." and so one, so the above is a highly simplifies version of the more medical terminology.

The causes of cellulite and the above process may be down to hormone imbalances, poor diet, lack of excercise and sometimes, simply the time of the month.

Diet and excercise are the two easiest things to start to control now. For example, helpful foods are flax seed, lemon juice, anything green (basically), fiber rich foods and of course, water. Things to avoid include too much red meat, sugar, white pasta and rice and over-processed food (ideally, any processed food).

Dry brushing, massage of the affected areas and excercise will help most. Cellulite creams are available which work by helping to improve muscle tone and improving the skin barrier. There are many variations in product and price. A worthwhile budget mask is, for example, our Nature's Way Seaweed Gel Mask or if you are looking for a more targeted massage system, then look at the Silk'n Silhouette body contour system.


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