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Up and Coming Skin Care Ingredients

Odd facial treatments

One of the new (ethical) skin care ingredients coming into play is Colostrum. Colostrum is the milk that many mammals (incl. humans!) gives to their young in the first days of life and contains every ounce of goodness. Cows give this to their calves - a young calf needs about 9 of the 27 liters that are produced and what is left could become a potent anti-ageing ingredient. Also in stem-cell research, Swiss Apples have proven to be a popular choice. Chemists and biologists are working on these sensible new products. However, some suggested current treatments range from the weird to the outright bizarre; most are daft and overpriced especially, in my opinion, many treatments that use actual bodily fluids (e.g. "vampire" facials). Do not be had!

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