DCL - Fixing Make-Up with Skincare

DCL Skin Care

Whilst working on the new DCL skincare range, I came across this blog post on the DCL website. As it is interesting stuff, I have stolen a bit of it, below... Attached is the link to the post, which is really worth a read!

"It’s the working gal’s woe: You apply your makeup in the early a.m. and by 2 p.m., especially in the sultry summer months, your carefully applied face is a distant, faded memory. How can you refresh and revive your look without painstakingly reapplying your entire cosmetics scheme at your desk, or worse, establishing residency in the ladies’ room and primping in the workplace? Read on for some easy touch-ups you can do at the office using DCL skincare to reactivate what you already have on"

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