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Ozalys Skin Care

I have recently added the Ozalys skin care range to our collection on Skin Perfection

Before I go any further, I should mention that I am not a Doctor and anything recorded here is not a medical evaluation or recommendation. That said, I was rather impressed with the approach taken by Ozalys and their commitment to producing a range of cosmetics and skin care designed for those suffering from breast cancer and, I would presume other cancers where chemotherapy and other devastating treatments are needed.

Naturally, the range would suit those with sensitive and supersensitive skin types. Ozalys have been at pains to make sure that the ingredients used are not going to cause issues.

This is what they say:

"Ozalys allows women who wish to continue to care for themselves every day, to do so using products which innovate through their formulas, galenics (i.e. how products are prepared - my words) and packaging. They can thus preserve their daily beauty and skincare ritual thanks to specially formulated solutions, taking into account the consequences of various curative treatments and their undesirable side effects such as olfactory and sensory ultra-sensitivity."

Most of the range can be found on our site, here:

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