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"Brands including Benefit, Dior, Nars and Mac have been the subject of headlines in the UK due to counterfeits worth hundreds of thousands of pounds having been seized."

This is a headline relating to an article on fake skin care products which recently appears in Cosmetic Design Europe. (I have placed a link to the full article - opens in new page)

Are the skin care products we sell, fake or real?


The products which are subject to replication tend to be those which are more "mainstream" and command a high price. They are generally sold in the major retail stores. I will make no further comment than that.

Products we sell, are not. They do appear in some of the more specialised high street retailers but in the main, find themselves in the consulting rooms of cosmetic practice, rather than on a high street shelf.

Many of the names of the products we sell, would mean that you have to understand what a product is and what it does, before you buy it. A "Moisturising Day Cream" is simple enough to understand, but "Dermaceutic Tri_Vita C30" is not going immediately draw the eye, unless you have a wider understanding of skin care.

As many of you, who use our website know, we do not have your order on your doorstep within 2 hours of your placing an order. The products we sell are specialised and as such, holding great stocks of each item could mean that you get old product; being much more specialised, it is important that you receive fresh product to ensure the efficacy of the product. For this reason we hold very, very limited stocks; Further, most of the UK importers that we use are based but a short distance away, so we may take a few days to get your order to you, but that is because we wish to ensure the quality of the product you receive.

There is little point counterfeiting any product (not just skin care) unless it commands a wide appeal and has a high enough value to warrant putting together an operation big enough to make and distribute fake products.

So, rest assured, what we sell is genuine. We have an address where you can find us. Our site is secure and we only use PayPal to process your payment (so if we do something wrong, your money is safe with Paypal). We obtain all the products we sell from the duly authorised UK importer. We make sure all products sent out are in date and as they tend to come direct from the UK importer, are as "fresh" as we can make them. (Apart, of course, where we state that we have some short dated stock, which we either sell at minimal cost or even, give away free). We are known within the trade and you are free to check with the UK importer of any given brand to check the lot numbers that are shown on any product you buy from us.

Buy with confidence. Just thought we should mention all this!

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