New Year Detox

After the Festive Break (and a Happy New Year top everyone) thoughts may turn to the subject of a detox, in order to get rid of some of the eating and drinking excess.

Let me say this : If you feel you need to detox that much, then there is a need to examine your lifestyle. Detoxing is not something that can be turned on or off, according to whim; therefore the important thing is to look at our general day to day lifestyle and see what may be changed. There is no magic detox product; the body cannot be told "detox now".

General diet improvement will help. Fibre binds to toxins and helps to remove those toxins from the body. Increase your fibre intake, so reduce the toxin; remember your five a day. BUT that's five a day of actual fruit - not fruit drinks, even if they say they are "part of your five a day" - they are not as with drinks, the fibre has (often) been removed and often, the sugar content is increased. Water is the best detoxing agent known to mankind. Make sure you have about 2 litres of water every day; filtered water is best. There is no need to worry about buying bottled water, the quality of what comes out of our taps, passed through a filter, is fine.

Reduce your intake of alcohol, smoke, drugs and especially, processed food. You do not have to give them up; giving up say, smoking, is not easy to do - but if one can start by at least reducing the amount, one cigarette at a time, you will soon notice the difference. Also remember that there are plenty of chemicals in household cleaning products and of course, if you work in a city type environment, plenty of harmful stuff in the air. So, if you have been inside a lot just lately or face the rigours of a daily commute - plan a trip to the seaside. Yes, it may be cold and rainy - but let that fresh sea air really work through your lungs and expose as much skin as you sensibly can, even if for only a short while.

Exercise well. You don't have to go to an expensive gym. A good 30 minute walk, twice a day somewhere away from traffic is a good place to start. That's walk, not jog. Exercise helps stimulate the body's detoxification process but if you are not used to exercise, going from nothing to jogging may be too much. Start with a good brisk walk, twice a day to begin with.

Remember that the best way to detox is by trying to avoid the chemicals and toxins, as much as you can, in the first place.

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